Saturday, September 18, 2010

Future Chef

Chase is taking after his uncle George. My brother is a Sous Chef at a very wonderful place in Silver City. The resturaunt is called Shevek & Co. Just click on Shevek & Co and you can check out what they are all about.

Anyway back to Chase. He drags out all our pots and pans and cooks everyday. The older boys never did this so this is very new to us. He always has to have a spatula or a spoon and he will actually sit or sand and cook for hours. He drags the pots and pans everywhere. So much so, that when it's time to make dinner Joe will have to search the house looking for a pot to cook with.

Perhaps just some plastic bowls and some wipes to cook with

But mainly he just prefers pots and pans. He has broken one of our pans so far. In the top pictures you can see the handle laying in front. We had to throw that pan out but besides lots more scratches he has done well. I was thinking of getting some pampered chef pots and pans this christmas but until he grows out of this stage I will save my 700 dollars for another time.


Anonymous said...

I miss him SOSOOSO much!! I love you Chase!!!

Sha Sha

Lindsey said...

My goodness he has gotten big! Can't wait to see pictures of Shannon's little one!