Monday, September 27, 2010

Burned Hair

Once again I am so far behind it isn't even funny!! Please bare with me as I try to play catch up. I will back date all my posts so they are actually dated to when they happened.

Back to my burned hair. Joe was running late and we were all starving. To show my annoyance.....believe me it wasn't my finest moment, I went out side to light the grill and get it started. Chase was a little fussy so I was holding him. Once again not my finest moment. I turned on the propane and flicked the lighter and a ball of fire came right at my face. Luckily I turned just right and Chase was spared but my arm hair and part of my hair by my forehead was singed. How my eyebrows and eyelashes survived I am not sure but I smelt pretty bad for awhile afterwards.

Its now been almost three months since then and my arm hair is fine but of course the hair by my forehead is still growing out.

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