Friday, December 25, 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We have so many new toys to play with and I am not just talking about the kids. The highlight of Christmas was the gift that Joe bought for the family. It's a running joke from me to him that he should have labeled the gift to Joe from Joe. Are you wondering what it's a PS3. We bought the boys so many new Wii games that they haven't even thought to play the PS3. Joe has had a good time with his present.

Santa brought Bryson a new computer. His old computer he has had since his 2nd birthday so it was time for an upgrade. Bryson loves to get on the computer had visit his school homepage. He also got a lot of DS games, Wii games, Computer games, Star Wars toys, Bakugan's, UP Bluray, Board Games, Books, a Race Track, new Bike Helmet, Transformers, and a digital camera. He and Carter have had so much fun taking pictures and making videos with it. You should see some of the videos they have made. You can hear them giggling over them for hours.

Santa brought Carter a Nintendo DS. Which he absolutely loves and Bryson is so thankful that he doesn't have to share his anymore. He also received a lot of DS games and a Case, Wii games, Star Wars the Clone Wars Bluray, Star Wars toys, Computer games, Transformers, Bakugan's, Board Games, Books, a Race Track, new Bike Helmet and a Darth Maul Dual Light Saber.

Santa brought Chase a Car/Walker and a Learning Play Table. He has had so much fun on the table. Chasers also got a Sorting house, Peak-a-boo Blocks and Train, a Wooden Train with shape blocks, Little Einstein Rocket ship and Conductor's Wand, a few different Bath Toys, Stacking Blocks, and Books.

Besides Joe's PS3 and games he got a Bluray Home Theater System and a Kindle. He also got a few shirts from American Eagle and NMSU. He is also shopping around for a new golf club.

I got an awesome new video camera. My old one was was bought by my dad before I had Bryson. That means it's over 7 years old. Though it works awesome my wonderful hubby thought I needed an upgrade. The Video Camera he bought me is a Canon Vixia HG21. It has a hard drive built into the camera. Though I haven't figured out how to get the video off the camera hard drive and on to my mac. I also got a new point and shoot. I like to have a point and shoot as well and my nice SLR. It's nice to be able to just throw that in my pocket and go. Oh and it's pink. I have never had any other color but black or silver. It's super cute!

All in all we made a killing this Christmas and we must have been really good this year. Truth is...we are just really happy Joe is back from Afghanistan and that this Christmas we didn't have a 6 month deployment looming ahead of us.

Oh and in addition to a fried Turkey we fried a Prime Rib this year. It was awesome.

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