Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve night the boys always get to open a present. They haven't caught on to the fact that it's the same present every year. Christmas pjs and a new Christmas book.

Carter did surprise us this year and he said "I really hate this!" It was quite funny because he was expecting a toy and out come clothes. I told him that was fine and that I would take his boxers back to the store. His tune changed very quickly and he said that he loved them and he was thankful.

Bryson on the other hand loved his Christmas pants, and Chase looked adorable in his sleeper.

After their bath and Christmas pjs were on I made the boys hot chocolate. We then put the angel on the tree. Bryson put the angel on last year and it was Carter's turn this year. After the angle was in her place Joe read the boys their new Christmas books that Grammie and PopPop got them.

Then it was time to run up stairs and jump into bed. About 10 minutes after the boys were in bed I remembered that we forgot to lay out Santa's cookies and milk. So back up the stairs I went and told the boys what we had forgot. They rushed back downstairs and decided 5 cookies was a good amount for Santa to have. Then back into bed they went. Dreams about Santa sure to come next....


Caitlin said...

Yeah, we always open pajamas from my grandma on Christmas Eve, even now. Another thing we used to do is get a new Christmas book every year, but we would get them ahead of time and read one every night until Christmas. That was always fun and made the holidays seem longer.

Stacey said...

Pictures are adorable!! Merry Christmas to all!!