Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Luminaria's

We spent a good part of the day setting up Luminaria's on our street. We thought it would be a nice treat for our neighbor's and any passerby's. We never got a correct tally on how many we set up but I believe there were over 2 hundred.

Joe put on his headphones and got to work. He says we need to go bigger next year.
Carter would take the filled ones around to the front of the house. He said he was tired of all that walking back and forth.

We enlisted some neighborhood kids. Child labor is free!

Chaser's helped me take pictures and open bags for everyone.

We lined them up and down the street and around the outside and inside of the loop. We also did a smaller circle on top of the mound on the inside loop.

Our neighbor's liked them so much that they picked them up for us. Have I mentioned before we have great neighbor's?


Anonymous said...

Thats SO AWESOME!!!!!! Great job HUDSON FAMILY!!!!


Anonymous said...

That is not fair...all of you were wearing shorts, and were barefooted!!! The luminarias were beautiful...Good job HUDSONS!!!


Anonymous said...

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