Friday, November 14, 2008

What a blessing!

Today was a big day here in the Hudson household. I had an ultrasound today and Bryson was able to go with me. He had a blast and loved hearing the babies heartbeat. He even saw the baby pushing on the gas pedal as if s/he was driving.

The baby is 100% healthy. All measured perfectly and everything looked great.

I have put up a poll on the left hand side please go vote. Is it a boy or a girl?

Joe will not know probably until Monday so you all are going to have to wait until then.


johnandvic said...

I think you are having a girl.. I hope we sent you enough girl vibes

johnandvic said...

we still haven't seen any prego pics yet.........

Anonymous said...

My dream was Bryson told me it was a boy remember! :) I hope for yall a girl too but I"m just glad s/he is healthy! Congrats!

Today, Jimmy, Dad & Ryan are playing golf while I"m working. Dad came down to Abq. I think Jim & Amanda are headed to Alamo tomorrow not 100% but I think they will follow dad back.

Just an update. I'm going to do the poll now. My dream said boy so I have to go with that. And its funny Bryson went with you! Bryson in my dream was the one who told me its a boy ;)


Anonymous said...

I still can't wait for Joe and Ryan to meet :) Get home safe Joseph!

Lindsey said...

Well....since I came from a family of three girls and Steven came from a family three boys, we have always said that once you start a will probably continue. So, I guess I will have to guess a boy:)

Glad all is well.
Love ya