Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby, what are you????

Well, I have been trying to upload this picture for the last hour. I know you all have been waiting very anxiously.

So, here it is without further ado.....A picture of the baby's butt and what's in between HIS legs.

Can you believe it....I am going to be the mother of three BOYS!!


Anonymous said...

I knew it!!!!!!!!!! Love you and so proud!! Now I can sleep!!


johnandvic said...

Congrats....... Well, you know what to do with boys!!! Well, I tried to ssend you girl vibes!!!

johnandvic said...

Any names??????

Lindsey said...

I called it! Congrats dawn. You will be great just like you were with the other two:)
Put some pictures of you as well.
He looks good...I have never seen an ultrasound of a,its a good sorry, i figured joe would appreciate it.

Susannah said...

Congrats!!!! I totally thought it was a girl. I'll still sew something for you. LMK what you want and I'll whip it out.

jen said...

LOL tooo obvious...heres some advice from a 3 boy mom to a soon to be 3 boy

Stacey said...

Congratulations!!! You have everything ready for another one!! You can definitely is quite obvious!! Congrats again....hopefully I'll be down to visit sometime after he's born!!

Anonymous said...

I knew somebody like you. She had two boys and had one in the oven. She wanted a little girl. So it would have it that she had another boy. They both were healthy. I wish the same to you. It was meant to be.

You only need one more and you could have a boys basketball team with Joe in it. No subs though.


PS. That lady was your grandmother and I was that third boy.

Anonymous said...

I am so pround of "My 3
Grandsons!" I love you very much and I am so very happy.
Love you, MOM

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

YAY!!!!! Congratulations! :)

Our Family said...

I am sooooooo happy for you guys! I had no idea you were pregnant! I lost your blog address in our move and I just saw your comment on my blog so I clicked on it so I could look at yours and look at my suprise! How wonderful! Another boy! I know how that feels:) Not the boy thing but the three of the same sex thing. I know we often talked about having our third children and I am so happy we both decided to. I have your blog address now and I will continue to follow your pregnancy! Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Finally I see the little penis. I didn't know how to read it. I like your new background color. The brown is nice.