Wednesday, November 12, 2008

From the mouth of Carter

The other day while driving in the car I gave Carter a piece of gum. I was watching him in the review mirror and he was going to town on that piece of gum. He was chewing his gum with his mouth open and he was swishing it back and forth with his tongue.

Then all the sudden he says "Mom, its like playing soccer in my mouth!"

I just laughed for a few seconds and then I started chewing my gum with my mouth wide open swishing it with my tongue back and forth and you know is a lot like soccer.

So the next time you are chewing gum think of Carter and play a game of soccer in your mouth.


Anonymous said...

My little C is one funny boy! Did he score a goal?

Lindsey said...

How cute:)

Anonymous said...

that's cute.


jen said...

hey tell your hubby to hurry up and get back we want to know!!! I am saying a boy because i want you in the same boat as me ya!