Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

We started off the day washing the cars. Actually, Joe and the boys washed the cars I took pictures.

Afterwards they all came in ate lunch and the boys took naps. Once they woke up we went over to our friend Terra's house which is so convenient since she lives right across the street. There were some other families there. Some of which you have read about. Cami and her kids were there, Shanna and her husband Chris and then a few other families that I haven't mentioned before. We had a good time hanging out. The kids all played the guys hung out by the grill and the women played some cards.

Around 5:15 Joe, Bryson, Carter and I left Terra's and went to Fort Bragg. They were having a fourth of July festival like last year. There were thousands of people there and really crowded. At 5:45 the Golden Knights were going to jump. I skydived with the Golden Knights a year ago. I will have to tell you about that another time. Back to the fourth...we got to the field about 5:40 and made our way through the crowd to were the jumpers were going to land.
We found a spot right up against the rope and sat down. A few minutes later the show began.

It wasn't as good a show as last year but always fun to see skydivers. After they jumped we tried to meet the skydivers
but there were to many people and the boys weren't being pushy which you have to be around here.

Then we headed all the way across the field to the stage. Wynonna Judd was going to start singing at 6:15.

We walked around all the chairs and blankets and found a spot right up in front. She sang really well, but after about 45 minutes the boys were done so we headed back to Terra's

We made it just in time for the pinata

that Cami bought and the boys had a blast. There was even a silly string fight.
The fireworks started around 10 and we played with sparklers, pop it's, fountain's and their favorite the snakes.

The boys had so much fun and were so tired that they didn't wake up until 9 the next morning.


Steven Montoya said...

Very cool. It seems nice to be part of a small community on base. I always like it when I was growing up, even though we didn't live on base. It seems nice for the kids; easy for them to find playmates, and for you to connect with other adults.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Thats a good pix of the fireworks! The boys looked like they had a blast! What a busy 4th! Yall did a lot!! No wonder they slept till 9 the next day. I'm glad Bryson's teeth are out! Did he get 10 dollars? Wow, the tooth fairy set a very high standard! I think we have 32 teeth and we're suppose to lose 20 of our deciduous teeth to make room for our permanent teeth. That totals 100 dollars according to your tooth fairy's account... so little Bryson is right to some extent asking for a 100.00 bill. :)