Saturday, July 5, 2008

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth....

My fourth of July post is coming up I just don't know when yet. As I was uploading some photos earlier today my flash card reader stopped working and I can't get my photos off my memory card for some reason. I will try and get the pictures up soon. The pictures that I have on this post were taken off my old camera.

We had an awesome forth and we even saw a celebrity and no this time it wasn't Carter. You will just have to wait and see who we saw in Concert.

Carter hasn't been feeling to well the past few days. So, today I made him stay in his pj's and just hang out all day. We had a wonderful dinner tonight. We made BLT's and I made homemade baked potato soup. It was so good, then the highlight of the evening we went outside and made S'mores.
I had to brake up poor Bryson's because of his teeth.

What is wrong with his teeth might you ask??? Well, the fact that he is about to loose both bottom teeth. That's right my baby is going to lose two baby teeth.

Here he is checking them out.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Big Bryson!! Looks like it hurts.. poor guy. I love the You Tube posts!


johnandvic said...

WOW!! Nathan loved seeing that and wanted to know if his is going to do the same..He is kinda scared when I told him that his will too some day be like Bryson's.. It looks like it is barley holding on and should fall out REAl soon....