Thursday, July 3, 2008

Experimenting with chicken

Last night I cooked on the grill for the first time since Joe and I have been married. The first four months he was gone we didn't even own a grill the second four months he was gone the boys and I stayed with my father who worked the grill but last night I was the grill master.

I decided early in the day to do a bit of experimenting with chicken marinades. I had three chicken breasts and wanted to try out three different marinades that we have never tried before.

First up balsamic vinaigrette and crushed rosemary. We usually marinate with Italian dressing so I figured this would probably be good. It was very tasty.

Second was soda...yep, Coca Cola with black pepper. I have had the most shocked looks once saying this. It also tasted pretty good.

Last up was soy sauce and crushed red peppers. We have marinated with soy sauce before but never with the red peppers. It was also very good but had a nice kick to it.

I just asked Joe which one he liked the best and he says that they were all really good but that he thinks he liked the breast coated with soda the best. I liked them all. I should have taken pictures through all this but didn't. Darn!

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Steven Montoya said...

Coke! Intersting, what kind of flavor did that leave?