Monday, December 17, 2007

What's your emergency?

This morning while waking up I could hear the boys playing in their rooms. I also hear the front door shut and realize that Joe has just left for work. While laying in bed thinking that I would love to have more sleep I hear Bryson in the background.

Bryson: Carter lets go get mommy.
Carter: YEAH
Bryson: Come on
The door to my room opens and the boys come in.
Bryson: Hey mom get up.
Mom: (I am being really still and not making any noises)
Carter: Mommy
Mom: (still being really still)
Bryson: Hurry Carter we better go call 911!!!!
Mom: Noooo...I am up, I am wake, I must have been sleeping!!


Lindsey said...

Nice..well atleast you know they know what to do:)
I have updated mine somewhat. I will put some more this weekend.

-I need your address

sjt said...

HA HA HA HA!!! Oh my gosh!! That's awesome! Your boys love you so much and they are so smart!!

You should be getting a fed-ex today!