Wednesday, December 5, 2007

So, maybe we haven't been so good after all!!!

I have a funny story to share with you courteous of Bryson.

At Bryson's school they have this company that comes in for Christmas with trinkets to be purchased. The kids go to this class room with all the items displayed for purchase. The first time the kids visit the "Santa Store" they are there to browse and to write down a list of items they would like to buy. Did I mention they are there to buy items for people in their family?

So, they have browsed the goods written down what they would like to buy for each family member and then the list is sent home to the parents. If we would like for them to participate we are to put money back in the envelope with any comments and sent it back with the students.

Yesterday just before I went to put cash in the envelope I asked Bryson...."Bryson do you really want to buy Mommy, Daddy and Carter the presents that you picked out?" Bryson with a big smile on his face says "Yes Mommy, I would really like to buy those!" I thought for a brief second and replied "Well, I think since you have been saving your money maybe you should take some of it and buy our presents with your own money. This way you actually bought them for us with your own money." The conversation could have ended there for I knew the answer to what I was about to ask next from the look on his face. He had that look of....are you kidding me? I went ahead and asked him "Now are you sure you want to buy us Christmas presents?" Bryson answered without any hesitation, a blink or even a second thought "Nope, I want to save my money for Disney World!"

Maybe I am not talking to a brick wall after all, maybe what I say to them doesn't go in one hear and out the other, just maybe my kids are actually hearing what I am saying to them.

I am very proud of him for wanting to save his money because I looked at what I would have been receiving and I think I could have done without the beautiful bell.

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