Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bryson turns 5...well kind of....

So, we had Bryson's birthday party the 14th of August. His actual birthday isn't until the 24th of September so we are a little early. When we started planning for Bryson's party he said that he really wanted to have a swimming party since he learned how to swim this summer.
I went to the pool to schedule it up and they close the pools after labor day here, so they had three openings to rent out the pool. The best date for us was the 14th. So, we had the whole pool to ourselves for a few hours. We had a blast. They have a big winding slide and the kids that do not know how to swim are even allowed to go down it during private parties.

Carter loved it. He had so much fun being able to go down the slide which usually he is not allowed to be on.

Here he is with one of his best friends Maxwell.

Bryson had a cars party and recieived lots of toys. He had so much fun.

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SJT said...

Wow! Your a great mom!!