Saturday, November 19, 2011

A real Japanese Baby

November 19th - Flea Market Day

Every once in awhile Leann and I like to clear out our homes.  I am more of a pack-rat then she is but I do my best to get rid of stuff.  I had my van so packed Bailey had to ride shot gun.  Now before any of you all get your panties in a wad the Japanese here are like Brittany Spears.  You all know the incident I am talking about where she was holding her son while driving.  

The kids here don't use carseats.  If a baby is in a carseat it's more of a "here let me put you down so I can drive" not for safety reasons.  The older kids just bounce around in the back of the cars, hanging out the windows and sitting on laps of those in the car.

Anyway my van was so loaded down Bailey had to ride up front with me.  She thought she was so cool.  ha ha ha  She could definitely get use to this.  She would look over at me and just grin.  I could hold her hand, it was really sweet.

Leann and I had a great Flea Market Day and got rid of lots of junk....till next time.

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