Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fractured Leg

Chase our 2 year old has been complaining that his leg hurts.  He complains off and on and can be easily distracted.  WE usually give him some tylenol and off he goes.  He jumps off the couch and the coffee table, he jumps on the trampoline and rides his scooter.  He stays physically active and usually doesn't complain until he settles down.  When he is playing quietly, or watching a movie he will tell me his leg hurts.  This went on for about a month and then the other day he starts limping a bit.  Not consistent by no means just every once in awhile he will limp.  Then yesterday he asked me to help him out of the van, I called Joe and told him he needed an appointment and in we went.

The Doc came out and said it was growing pains, Chase of course wasn't limping or complaining.  I was a little persistent and she agreed to do the x-rays.  Turns out Chase has a smal fracture in his leg.  They say it's common for his age.  We are trying to keep him calm, and to take it easy.  It's just not working....he is a boy.  As she is telling me all this, he sands on the table and jumps right off.......BOYS!!

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