Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emergency Surgery

Bailey celebrated her 1 month birthday on the 1st.  That night I woke up around 3am in pain.  My belly was hurting so bad.  It was more like this pain under my ribs.  I fed Bailey and laid her back down but couldn't go to sleep.  I tossed and turned but couldn't get comfortable.  It was slowly getting worse and it felt like something was wrong with my heart.  The pain was wrapping around to my back.  I woke Joe up about 530 and told him I didn't know what was wrong.  I told him I think I needed to go to the hospital.  He asked if I could drive myself or if we needed to wake up all 4 of the kids.  When I told him there was no way I could drive myself he knew something was wrong.

He woke up all the kids grabbed some snacks and electronics and off to the ER we went.  Since I told them about my heart they got me in right away.  First they gave me some medicine to drink to see if it was heartburn.  I didn't want anything to be to serious with me but I would have died of embarrassment had it been heartburn.  When the pain didn't go away they gave me some pain medicine and took me to x-ray.  By this time it was 8 am and Joe took the kids back to Kadena AFB where we live to go to school.  Poor Bailey hadn't eaten since 3, and I knew she would be hungry.  On the way back from x-ray I thought it would be perfect I could feed her.  Though they were ready for me in the ultrasound room so I went straight there.  The ultrasound took awhile.  I would have to take a deep breath and she would roll the wand around my belly and take pics.  Then I could breath for a few seconds and then take another breath to do it all over again.  I was finally done with the ultrasound at 845 and nobody was there to wheel me back to the ER.  They wouldn't let me walk even though after all the pain meds they had given me I felt good.  After about 10 minutes of sitting there I was getting anxious.  I knew my baby had to be crying of starvation so I started walking back to the ER.  The nurse saw me and very rudely told me I wasn't suppose to be walking and that I needed to wait for her.  So back to the wheel chair I go.  She wheeled me back to the ER and my baby wasn't there.  Joe wasn't back from taking the boys to school.

They finally showed back up at 9 and poor Bailey was so red and sweaty, she had been crying for quite awhile.  I was able to feed her then the Doc came in.  He pushed around on my belly and gave me the diagnosis.

I had a very bad gallbladder and it needed to come out today.

They took me up to my room and there I waited for a few hours until it was time for surgery.  I fed Bailey one last time because they had given me some very strong antibiotics.  Thankfully I had saved up some breast milk from using the hospital grade pump when she was admitted.  She also had to have a bit of formula hanging out at the hospital.  The only problem is that Bailey doesn't take a bottle.  She was screaming and crying when they wheeled me back to surgery.  I said goodbye to Joe and Bailey,  he had to get the boys and feed them dinner and put them to bed.  The surgeon said they would call him when I got out and I was able to talk to him a little later when I got back to my room.

The surgery went great and my Doc also fixed an umbilical hernia I had.  He said that the recovery would be a bit longer because of that.  I was on the general surgery floor so Bailey was not able to stay with me, Joe and Bailey did great but she did not take the bottle.  She cried herself to sleep that night and was more than ready to eat that next morning.  Thankfully I only had to stay in the hospital one night and then I was released.

I am very sore, and nursing Bailey hurts so much.  I have 3 small incisions for my gallbladder and then my incision over my bellybutton to fix my hernia.  That's the one that hurts so much, it's right where she lays across my belly.

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