Sunday, September 25, 2011

Due Date ~ September 25th 2011

Bryson's birthday is September 24th. After I found out my due date we talked to Bryson that he might get a new baby for his birthday. He would always get a big smile and then our conversation would eventually change topic. As the date grew closer we would once again bring it up a bit more serious. Bryson would say I am so excited about having a new baby but I really hope she isn't born on my birthday. It became my goal to try and hold out until October 1st. This way they would have their own birthday months. I told Bryson I would try my best. All last week I was trying not to over exert myself. Trying to take it easy....not throw myself into labor. So far so good, we have passed Bryson's birthday so I am in the clear. Here's to holding out for 6 more days. October 1st you are right around the corner.

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