Sunday, May 29, 2011

Typhoon Songda - Okinawa, Japan

Typhoon Songda roared through Okinawa and left a lot of distruction in her way. Songda hit us as a Cat 3 storm which is pretty big. The majority of the storm hit us at night so we watched a lot of it from our bedroom windows and downstairs sliding glass doors. We watched as the wind took one of our little sheds right off our patio and away. We watched the wind tear apart our neighbors 8x10 shed. All the pieces were flying into our yard and into our trampoline. I thought the trampoline was going to fly away. It was sandbagged and staked into the ground but it was still jumping around with the wind gust. At one point Joe looked out our front window and says "I think our shed is gone because I see some of our stuff down the street." Sure enough the next morning we get up to check out the damage and it was gone.

Thankfully we were all safe and our home was fine. Here are a few pics of some of the damage around our neighborhood.
Our Trampoline with shed pieces around. You can see the wind blew the top part of the tramp off on one side. It was staked down and sandbagged.
Our neighbors shed
Our shed

This is the top of our little shed the wind blew right off our patio that was also sandbagged. It was found in another loop about 400 yards away.

A picture of our banana trees and our shed behind it and then our tramp.

Clean up time.

Bryson being silly.

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