Monday, May 9, 2011

The BIG Ultrasound!!!!

So like I said since I am back dating everything I better hurry up and tell you what I am having before I give birth to this little baby which is in TWO WEEKS. That's right. I am 38 weeks right now, though I will probably go late so we shall see. ANYWAY what are we having???

Well, lets take a trip down memory lane.

Joe was with me at the big Ultrasound to find out what Bryson was. I am not even sure where is ultrasound pics are. Poor kid, we didn't have a computer when we had him so his pictures, what we have are all on paper. I feel so bad looking back at pictures and the small selection of pictures I have of Bryson on my computer of him as an infant. I have a few pictures on my computer that I had scanned on to a disk at walmart some years ago. Anyway, we all know what he is a BOY!! :) I really don't remember doing anything big for the big reveal. I think we just called up our parents and let them know.

With Carter the military at Luke AFB didn't do a big 20 week ultrasound. Can you believe that???? Unheard of now and it was only 6 years ago. Thankfully our neighbor was an ultrasound tech and squeezed me in one afternoon. It was around Joe's birthday so I snuck down there and found out.

I can't remember what he actually got for his birthday that year but Bryson helped me decorate his birthday cake with blue sprinkles and then we wrapped a Little Brother outfit with the ultrasound picture in blue wrapping paper. Joe was thrilled.

With Chase things were a little different. Joe was away training for three months and then on his way to his deployment to Afghanistan. Bryson came with me to the ultrasound. As soon as the tech put the wand on my belly I said "It's a boy right?" He said Yes. Chasers wiener and balls were hanging all out. I had sent Joe two packages. One girl and One boy package and I numbered them. Once I talked to him I told him what number to open up and once again he was so excited to have another boy!!

This time around Joe was able to come with me. It was nice to have him around again. He had to stay in the waiting room while they did all the certain measurements. I was really watching the screen since I knew what balls and a weiner looked like. I kept looking and looking. My heart was beating so hard in my chest and I had huge butterflies. The butterflies where probably bigger than any I had ever had getting ready for a date. I was so nervous. Finally it was time for Joe to come in and the tech said are you ready? She scanned over the private area and this is what I saw.....

Do you see it??? That's right NO WEINER, NO BALLS!!! I couldn't believe it!! Joe on the other hand was a little shocked. I asked him afterwards if he would like to go celebrate. He said he needed to go back to his office and take it all in, that he would be ready at dinner time. Poor Guy!!

Joe back at his office.

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Katie said...

Congratulations on your little girl!!! I am also pregnant...with number four...after 3 boys...I just want to buy pink clothes!!