Monday, November 22, 2010

How many lives does Carter have?

We were out in town yesterday. We had gone to a professional soccer game here on the island with the Salas family and afterwards we decided to walk down the street to get ice cream.

He was just in his own world I think. We were all walking as a group on the side walk, we were coming up to the street that we needed to turn left. The traffic on the street was rushing by and as we walked up the sidewalk we all turned left and stopped....everyone except Carter.

He continued to walk right into traffic, right as a fast car was passing by. It was so close.

Leann, her mother and I all shouted out to Carter at the same time, "CARTER!!!". As we were yelling his name I leaped forward to pull him back.

I could see it happening right before my eyes. So scary, I am talking about inches. I don't know what to do with this child of mine.

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Lindsey said...

No worries! we were in alamo this weekend and saw some pictures of my dad being thrown into your pool at your old house....oh I miss those days. How much longer do you think you will be in japan?