Monday, November 1, 2010

A Broken Collarbone

Guess Who????

Yep, that would be Carter. He was out running with his friends and fell on the outside of his left shoulder. He of course came home crying and I looked at it and give hims some Tylenol. He sat on the couch for awhile and seems to be getting better. After dinner he sits back down on the couch and screams out in pain. I then take off his shirt to have a better look and there was a big bulge.

Joe took him to the ER this time and it was in fact broken. There isn't much you can do for a collar bone so they put his arm in a sling and then took two ace bandages and wrapped it around the front of his arm all the way around his back so that his arm wouldn't move while it lay across his chest. It was quite funny really. I took photos but can't seem to find one of my point and shoot cameras. I hope to add a photo later.

Our Poor Carter

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