Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Card Picture Set Up

So I decided to take some pictures of the kids for our Christmas Cards this year. I had taken pictures of Leann's kids the previous day and just left the living room all set up to do my kids today. Here is what my living room looks like when I have a newborn session or a kid session with backdrops.

It's so much harder to take photos of my kids.

Bryson is always super easy. He always has been since day one, even at his monthly pictures and then yearly pictures he would smile on cue and we were in and out of the studio in under an hour tops.

Carter on the other hand is awful. His smile is fake and I can't seem to hold his attention very long. I very seldom get a great photo of him. I do have to say he has gotten just a tad bit better as he gets older.

Chase just doesn't want to sit still "PERIOD"!!!

A lot of you have seen these pictures already since I have already sent out Christmas Cards. Technically it's January 15th but like I said earlier I am backdating all these posts and writing them like they happened on that day. Sneaky I know!!

Anyway one special person who hasn't gotten this card yet is my BFF Lindsey Lou. Lindsey I planned on sending your card to you with the shirts for the girls but then realized your birthday was coming up and I was headed to Korea. Well, Korea was great but I didn't really see anything that I knew you would like or that might be your style so I am trying to find something for you here, though at the moment my favorite gift shop is closed. They have a huge shipment coming in from China and I am wondering if there might be something for you in that shipment so hopefully your gift will be headed to you soon and the girls shirts still fit them.


Joanna said...

Very sneaky backdating your posts! Loved your card - thanks for sending it. Hopefully you will get yours soon. I also have a little something we will be putting in the mail that made me think of you. Hope you all are well!

Anonymous said...

Dawn! On Bryson's pic the wood floor is curvy!! ha ha. Did you get the 2nd box yet?????

Dawn Hudson said...


A package!!! Yay I love packages. Thanks so much I really appreciate it.

Thanks Shannon for pointing out my curvy floor. I didn't have it pulled tight enough. As you can see I am not working with a professional studio ;)

I did a few days ago, I must have forgotten to notify you. Thanks....the boys are working on their letters to you.