Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some new words from Chase....15 months

The first week of August Chase started to say some bigger words. He says the normal mama and dada, uh-oh and of course ball. He also has been saying the word eww for a few months. He hears this word quite often from me when he would drool on us or wipe his dirty face on my clothes. So, now when he drools and he sees it he will say eww.

I swear the first word he started using on a daily basis was Ow. It was before his first birthday and once he started saying ow he wouldn't stop. He would say it every time we touched him. He had heard the word ever since he could sit on my hip. When I would hold him on my hip he would always swing his arms and in the process hit my arm or my neck and I would say ow. He started saying it all the time. I wondered what others in public would think when I would put his shoes on and he would say ow, or if I was putting him in the shopping car and he would say ow. It was quite funny and still is. He continues to use the word ow everyday and I hope he doesn't stop anytime soon.

Like I was saying before, at the beginning of August he added a few more words. He now says Hello when you give him a cell phone.

He also will crawl up on to the couch sit right next to you look over and say Hi. Like he has been doing it for years.

He runs after kitty saying "Kitty?" Or he will go and sit right next to him and say Kitty as he is petting him.

He started saying Fruit Snack, the boy loves fruit snacks so it's only fitting that now he can ask for them.

And the cutest word he says now is "Thank You". It sounds more like "Ank You". He says it in the proper context and will say it when you give him something and when he gives you something. Which means he says it probably 50-100 times a day.

Here is an old picture from when he was 13 months. He loves popcorn, and will carry around the bag and eat it like a big boy.


Anonymous said...

Great update Dawn!! I love the story of why he says the words ow and eeww! So cute!!

Hope yall had fun on your little vacation!!


Stacey and Hallie said...

He is getting so big..and still so adorable! I love the OW word! Can you believe it's been 15 months already? Wow time flies!