Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Poor Carter

Well.....Carter has hurt himself again. He was doing tricks on his bike and fell. I don't exactly know what those tricks were or how he fell off his bike but Bryson came running in saying Carter hurt himself.

I ran outside and Carter was walking back looking like this. I brought him inside took a picture of course and then cleaned him up. He stayed inside and watched a movie and shortly later Joe got home. The first thing he asked was about his teeth. I told him I hadn't really checked, that I had lifted up his lip and knew that his teeth had gone through his lip but I didn't make sure he still had his teeth. So, I lifted up Carter's very fat lip again and saw that his tooth was in fact missing and his gums where very ragged. I couldn't tell if it had been pushed up into his gums or if he had actually lost it.

We headed down to dental and they did a very x-rays and the tooth was gone. Carter lost his very first tooth by way of pavement!! We tried to find his tooth later and some ladies where outside asking how he was. They said he had a very high pain tolerance. That kid is one tough cookie!!

I took him to Popeye's for dinner that night and he said that his lip wouldn't let him eat. It was that fat and swollen. It's been almost a week now and when he talks we can finally see the missing tooth. He looks so strange and too young to be missing a tooth. Poor Guy!!


Stacey said...

Oh my!!! Bless his heart! What a rough way to lose his first tooth! It sure doesn't take away from the fact that he's a cutie anyway!

Lindsey said...

Poor guy! Your kids have no fear! I hope he is doing better....tooth fairy better pay up big for this one!

Anonymous said...

My poor little Tarter! Thanks for updating this page!


Stacey and Hallie said...

Poor guy! He's still adorable!!

Brianna said...

Oh, this is so sad! Hope it is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. He's wearing the bike helmet I bought them. :) Poor lil guy!!

I love your boys very much!!

Sha Sha

Timothy said...

Carter and I have something in common! Good job taking the picture. I wish I was smart enough to take a picture of my knee cap after my bike fall but didn't think about it until after surgery.