Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I didn't do a whole lot today. My feet hurt!! I have done so much walking that when I am walking around my room without my shoes I almost hobble. Though as I just typed that I also have to laugh although it didn't seem like I did much I actually did a whole lot of walking.

I first Jumped on the Train and headed to Ginza. I went to the Mac store which was awesome and then I went to the Sony store. The Sony store was amazing. There were floors and floors of electronics for you to try out.

After Ginza and jumped on the train and went to the Edo/Tokyo Museum. I defiantly would not bring the boys here. It's one of those things that is nice to do once but probably won't be headed back. It was nice though.

After the museum I headed to the Imperial Gardens to check out the Nijubashi Bridge. I
t is said that the Nijubashi Bridge is the most photographed scene in Japan. I would have liked to walk around the gardens but, 1. My feet were hurting and 2. All the cherry blossoms weren't in full bloom yet.

I jumped back on the train and went to check out the Tokyo Tower. I didn't go up into the tower because its actually quite expensive. It cost roughly around 16 American dollars. Maybe another time.

When I was done with my photos I wasn't sure what to do next. It was still pretty early in the day but I didn't have anything planned. I thought for a bit and decided to jump on the JR train and take a detour by Tokyo Disney. I can't wait until next month when we take the kids to Disney and was a little excited. I was so excited in fact that I forgot to take a photo as we passed. You can see most of the park form the train and of course the famous castle. You will just have to wait until next month for photos. I got off the JR and went back underground to the subway line and traveled back to Asakusa.

Like I wrote the other day Asakusa really is beautiful and I felt like I hadn't captured that the first go around so I walked the streets for a few hours on my very sore feet. Here are just a few photos.

When I left Asakusa I went to Roppongi and had dinner at T.G.I.F. It was awesome, and cheaper than the Rock!!


Anonymous said...

Great cherry blossom photos! TONS of BIKES!! That's why they're so skinny! Everyone rides! Not enough room for all those cars!

I'm so glad you got to see all those beautiful sights!!


Stacey said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! So happy for you that you were able to enjoy some of the beautiful sights Japan has to offer. Thank you for sharing!