Sunday, April 26, 2009

I survived...

my first day all by myself with my three boys. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, leftovers for lunch and pizza hut delivered our dinner. While eating breakfast this morning the boys played with some modeling clay. Carter made rocks and Bryson made a dragon. I don't have a picture of the finished product but will get one at some point. Then the boys played outside with the water hose on the trampoline and Chase and I watched from the couch.

We were able to skype Joe this morning. He is doing well and missing us so much.

This evening Chase and I had our first bath together. Definitely a little more difficult without Joe here to take him afterwards but he did great and hung out in his bouncy chair. His cord stump hasn't fallen off yet so he didn't get to be submerged all the way though he had a great time floating around in the water.

Tomorrow my friend is hosting a baby celebration for Chase and I. She asked if I wanted a baby shower and honestly what does a mom like me with two boys and having a third really need. She insisted bless her heart and I told her let's wait until after the baby is born so that everyone could see him. When you have everything there is no rush to have a baby shower. My baby celebration is going to be great. It's more of a diaper and dinner shower. So I am looking forward to all the diapers I am going to get and the surprise of dinner every night for however long it lasts. I will keep you posted on all the great meals I will be receiving.


Anonymous said...

Such a cutie! Congrats! Can't wait to hear about the baby celebration!

Anonymous said...

Wow. you have good friends!!


Erin said...

Congrats on surviving your first day! Hope the celebration is wonderful!