Friday, January 2, 2009

Saying Good Bye

January 1st, 2009

Our New Years day was spent getting Joe's last few things together. For lunch he cooked me one last meal, a meal with lots of luck, money and a steak.

At 2 we left to pick up his guns from security forces and then we headed off to the airport. There were a few people there to say their good byes to him. I then went to the ticket counter and picked up my special gate pass, and guess who we saw at the gate.....The Butikofers. We knew they would be up there but they ended up being on the same flight as Joe headed to Atlanta. The Butikofers are moving to England. Well, they should be there by now. We said our good byes to them and then I spent some alone time with Joe while the boys played with their boys.

Here are our good bye photos.

I then took the boys to Olive Garden. I figured it would cheer them up and if anything cheer me up. I was a little bit of a mess. We came home and the boys took a bath and then headed to bed. I stayed up for awhile and then I also headed off to bed alone.

This is not how I would have pictured spending my New Year's Day a year ago.


Anonymous said...

Dawn you look so pretty! The pink looks pretty on you!


Great photos!!

Lindsey said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you all everyday. Thank you Joe for your commitment, and Dawn, stay strong...I love you.

Casey said...

Just came across your blog and I really like it. We are an Air Force family as well. :) Sorry about your sad day, but luckily it will be over soon! Deployments suck!

Stephanie said...

I know all about husband did one year in Afgahnistan when he was active duty and now as a contractor he is back for another year...we are currently five months in and have another nine months to go or more. Best of luck to you...If you need a friend, feel free to pop in! Take care:)