Thursday, January 1, 2009


Dear 2009~

Please forgive me when I say last night when the ball dropped I did not jump up and cheer, I was not yelling Happy New Year, and I was not ready to welcome you!

You see today marked the day of my husband leaving us for half of your year, and he will be missing many big events.

Let me explain why it's NOT that big of a deal.

*Our Anniversary- because lets face it, your really don't need your spouse to celebrate. I mean why would I care if the man I walked on the beach with was here or not. After all it is the second one he has missed in a row thanks to the military.

*My Birthday- because celebrating my 30th by myself is exactly what I want to do.

*The birth of our third child- because after all I created this life on my own and it's only fitting that I give birth alone. Why would Joe want to see his son brought into this world?

*Carter's Birthday- because what little boy wants their daddy to celebrate with.

I may sound like I am having a pity party or complaining and I just might be a little but once again forgive me if I curse your name a few times here and there.

Here's to wishing it was July,
The Hudson Crew

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Anonymous said...

Dawn can you put up a fancy Joe Returns Count! I'm ready to see that!

Love always,

Did you get my gift?