Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I have been reading other blogs that post about a NOT ME Monday. It's a list of things there is NO way I did this week.

Go on over to her blog and check out all the other NOT ME MONDAYS'S out there.

I most certainly DID NOT try to talk myself out of taking the kids to see Madagascar II because I didn't really want to sit through a kid movie for an hour and a half. Because that would just be wrong and then I would be a bad mom.

I most certainly DID NOT drive an hour to the big city to buy a car seat I have had my eye on for a few months even if it was cheaper because that's not wasting gas at all.

And I most certainly DID NOT justify driving that hour to eat at one of my favorite restaurant McAlister's because who drives an hour just eat at a restaurant...NOT ME.

I most certainly DID NOT agree with Bryson when he came up to me and said "Mom do you wish dad was here to wipe Carter's butt?" because there are many more important reasons I miss him.

And I DID NOT contemplate taking a picture of Carter's favorite shirt that he decided to cut a hole in with a pair of scissors. Because then he would think that I thought it was a good idea.

I also DID NOT let my 6 year old bring over his Nintendo ds to my friends house that was cooking me dinner so that he would be still and not run around all crazy. Because my kids are angels and don't need electronics to make them behave.

What did you NOT DO this past week?


momstheword said...

Hehehe! Yeah, I did not take videos or pictures of my kids trashing their clothes or the house either when they were little, lol!

ben and erin said...

hey at least gas isn't $4.00 anymore. and you multi tasked too.... shopping and dinner!
by the way, your boys are adorable!

Wayne said...

Great not me monday. some of those kiddy movies can be better that the older ones

Jane Anne said...

I definitely have never made my boys think I am giving them a treat by letting them play their DSs when really I am just using their games as a way to keep my sanity!

Anonymous said...

I think your DS idea was genius!

Anonymous said...

Thats so cute!! Hmm.. I did not go to work on Monday. I did. I did not clean my house. I did. But I DIDN'T see my boyfriend. Monday was boring.


Lindsey said...

It blog is so darn cute!