Monday, May 19, 2008

T-ball Update...

I haven't mentioned Bryson's t-ball team in awhile so, I thought I would give you an update. Our team the Padres are doing great and getting better with each game. The kids are amazing and learning so much from Joseph and me. We also have a great group of parents this year and we have at least 9 kids come to every game which is awesome. The league only allows 10 to be on the field and hit so every child gets to play. We started out with 14 kids so I guess its a blessing that only once so far this season we have had to sit kids out.

Our last game Bryson had three outs. One was while he was playing second base, he caught the ball and tagged the runner as he was running to second. The other two outs were while Bryson was playing third base. Two batters hit a line drive up the third base line, Bryson caught the ball and tagged the base. He did a fantastic job. He has also perfected his batting and usually hits it in the grass. He is very proud of this and practices at home all the time.

We have two more games and then the season is over.

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Bryson's amazing!