Thursday, May 1, 2008

More New Mexico Pictures...Carter's early PARTY!

Carter's early 3rd family birthday party in New Mexico. He has never had a family birthday party so we thought this would be perfect for him. He turns 3 on May, 5th.

Seeing his Cousin Sarah for the first time this trip.
Hi Grammie
Love you Pop Pop
PaPa and Pop Pop
Sarah and Carter
Playing at the playground.
Cousin Robyn
The party...Carter had a blast.
The kids walking to the train station to ride the train.
We all have our tickets.
All aboard!
They're taking pictures of us and we them.
It was to windy for candles.
The kids with Aunt Sha Sha and Uncle George.
Opening up presents.
Wow, I got a gun.
What does the card say?
Carter and Novelyn.

Thank you so much for my presents.

Blowing bubbles

Gigi and Poppy
The kids playing and having a great time.

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