Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shopping outside Osan AFB in Korea

Today we took a bus to the Osan AFB shopping area. It's well known for cheap shopping. We got some good stuff. I am not a purse person at all, I just don't carry one. I left this shopping area with two coach purses and a coach change holder that's how good a deal we got.

Though to get to these purses we had to go through secret compartments. One store the guy moved a part of the wall aside and we had to crawl through a space that was probably 4 foot high by 2 feet wide. Purse shopping was quite the experience there in Korea.

This restaurant was super cute. The whole place had couches to sit on and had an awesome vibe. I could see hanging out there at night and having a drink or two. We ate some yummy beef bulgogi.

When we got back into downtown Seoul we ate at the Flying Pan which was so good. I had the banana french toast and Leann had this awesome sandwich.


RetroRocketGal said...
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Anonymous said...

quick question, if you guys wanted to could you have extended your stay in Korea? if yes, how many times can one soldier extend his stay?

Dawn Hudson said...

We weren't stationed in Korea but in Okinawa, Japan. We caught a hop on over to Korea.