Saturday, January 8, 2011

DMZ, JSA and the Seoul Tower

I know I have written about my friend Leann before, but if you are new here, Joe and I went to high school with her and her husband Ramon. We are now living on a tropical island together and it's been an awesome experience. Leann and I decided to go off to Korea and do some sight seeing and shopping. So we left the hubbies with the kids and off we went.

Our first full day in Korea was super busy. We left the hotel before 8 am and didn't get back until after 8pm.

We signed up for the JSA and DMZ tour. That was a full day event and then afterwards we headed to the Seoul Tower. We were very tired.

First up JSA. JSA stands for Joint Security Area. If you Click on the JSA you can read what wikipedia has to say about it.

The worlds most dangerous golf course.

The white building is North Korea.
North Korean Solider

Keeping watch

Next up the DMZ! DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone, you can click on the DMZ to read what wikipedia has to say about it.

We weren't allowed to take a lot of photos at the DMZ. We went into a tunnel that the North Koreans had dug and that was awesome, but we weren't allowed to take our cameras down.

This is a picture of the monument they have placed where there once was a tree. It's where the Axe Murders took place. If you click on Axe Murders you can read about it.

This is the Bridge of No Return, click on Bridge and you can read about it. Angelina Jolie actually walks across the bridge in the movie "Salt". Ironically I had watched this movie the night before we left to Korea. In the movie the bridge looks a lot bigger than it really is.

Afterwards we went to a completely finished train station that sits empty until North and South can come to an agreement to travel back and forth. It was built in hopes they could come to an agreement.

After all that we decided to knock out one more thing on our to do list and visit the Seoul Tower.

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Great pics! I need to read about the DMZ. Yall look great!