Sunday, December 19, 2010

No more Vodka!

We went out on a double date last night.

Anyway, we had a blast. We went out to eat at a fabulous restaurant,Sams by the Sea, click on the name if you want to read more or see the menu. It's a bit pricey but oh so good.

Afterwards we went to the Officers Club for some drinks. We caught a cab home and this morning I couldn't find my wallet. I don't carry around purses I just carry around my cards in a little Credit Card holder. It fits easily in my back pocket and I never lose anything. That record was broken last night. I lost my Credit/Debit Card, Military ID, Japanese License, Regular License and all my punch cards that you get on this island. It's a sad, sad day here in the Hudson Household. I think I am in mourning.

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Lindsey and Co said...

Hey!!! I am organizing a military wife blog lunch at Tengan on Camp Courney....Would you like to come?? My email is, Love looking at all your pics and adventures. Let me know!