Wednesday, January 20, 2010

9 Months

Chase a lot has happened this past month. The most devestating being that you lost your grandpa. I am so sad that you will never remember meeting him but I am so thankful for the few photos I have with you two together. It's bitter sweet because I wish I would have taken more photos and not lived in the moment so much.

  • You had your very first Christmas. You had so much fun with all the excitement. You did very well while we opened up all the presents and you love all your new toys so much.
  • We celebrated new years with a great dinner and then put you to bed.
  • This month you also flew back across the ocean. You did very well for being 8 months. I brought your carseat on the plane with us and it was a life saver.
  • Mimi taught you how to clap your hands this month. You are so cute and get so excited when we cheer you on.
  • You have done really well with all the strangers holding you.
  • You can feed yourself now and it's so much fun to watch you.
  • You are cruising around all the furniture.
There really isn't a lot to write about this month. I was really busy and time just got away from me. I am sorry that I didn't pay enough attention to you and your brothers this month.

You weigh in over 20 lbs. I am not sure how tall you are. You are one solid little boy.

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