Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Have you missed me?

Boy have I been busy. I thought I was busy before but this past week and a half have been crazy.

First and foremost we have loved having Joe back. We have been to see Ice Age in 3D and then to see Transformers. Joe has taken the boys to the pool to many times to count and we have been taking him out to eat at all his favorite restaurants.

We had the Carter's late and Bryson's early birthday parties this past Saturday. We of course rented out the pool and it was a blast, though I am pretty upset that the slide wasn't working. The kids didn't seem to mind at all.

Then Sunday I spent all day packing. Joe had it easy and just packed himself and I packed Bryson, Carter, Chase and myself with enough stuff to last us until we get our express shipment August 10th. Wow, that was a chore. I still feel like I didn't send enough in the express shipment or pack enough in our suitcases. Though I don't want to be walking through the airport and trying to get through customs with three kids a dog and a cat and 50 piece of luggage. In total I think we have 7 rolling suitcases a car seat bag and a stroller. I might have to buy one more suitcase to fit all the extra crap I have, that or start sending stuff to myself....I think it will cost about the same to send the stuff as it would to buy a new suitcase. We shall see.

Monday and Tuesday we had two packers show up to pack or entire house. They did a great job considering we had forgot about our fryer in the kitchen and it was packed. We couldn't remember if it had oil in it or not and I barely got any sleep thinking about it all night. The next morning we asked her to look for it and she wasn't to happy about that. I don't blame her, she got her bosses approval and we were able to find it. Though it did have some oil in it, it wasn't completely full. Regardless I feel so much better about it.

Today they loaded it all up on the truck and did an alright job. What can I say they split some wood on the boys bunk beds just taking them apart. I was pissed. We filled 11 crates and I am hoping we don't go over our weight limit.

Tomorrow they will come and take the rest of the stuff into storage. Then we will paint the rooms back and clean out the house. We have hired a cleaning lady to clean the house Saturday morning and then we check out of the house Monday. After that we will finally be able to relax for a few days before we head to Charleston on Friday and the flying out on Sunday.

Here is how Chasers spent most of his day. Looks comfy huh?


CJ said...

Glad things are going well.

Funny, seeing pictures of your household goods all packed up made me have a tiny anxiety attack. Moving is stressful business for me. We just finished unpacking our last box the other day and we PCS'd in March.

I hope all goes well with the rest of your move. Can't wait to hear what Japan is like.

Keyona said...

Hang in there. The hard part is almost over! :o)

Steven Montoya said...

I am glad you don't have to do it all yourselves!
I didn't know you had a dog?!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! What a neat picture with the trucks outside your house. Yall are REALLY moving!! It's getting closer. Hopefully you'll get my letter today or monday. You sure are doing a great job getting yall packed! I'm so sorry you have to PAINT again!!! Hopefully Joe can do most of it. Get some rest.


Preppy Coastee said...

New baby boy is soooo cute!! Love the new header picture too!

Our Family said...
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Our Family said...

Chase is sooooooo cute! Hang in there girl, we arrived in Korea with 16...yes 16, pieces of luggage. I wish you guys luck and can't wait to read all about it on your blog!