Monday, July 20, 2009

3 months

Boy has a lot happened this past month. It was your most important one yet. With the most important being that you met your daddy for the first time and you actually liked him. Then the rest as follows:
  • Meeting daddy for the first time.
  • Visiting family in New Mexico
  • The movers coming and moving us out of our house.
  • You giggle but not often
  • Your smiles are contagious
  • Your not overly vocal yet
  • But you do talk a little more than last month
  • We bought you a bumbo that you like
  • You love your play time with your daddy
  • Daddy knocked you on eye with his elbow and you cried hard for the first time in your life
  • Then I almost impelled your neck with the long, clear, plastic turning part of the blinds and you cried hard for the second time in your life.
  • You went to three movies this month. Ice Age in 3D, Transformers, and UP. You liked them so well that you slept through all three of them.
  • Your brothers still love you a whole bunch.
  • Your daddy and I can't get enough of you.
I am sure I am missing a whole bunch but we have been homeless for the past 9 days and I am borrowing a computer really fast.  I will add on as I remember.


Anonymous said...

I hope you got my letter.


sent to 4 commando

Steven Montoya said...

What a cute little man! I am still waiting around mine....I thought for sure I would have her early...I guess just wishful thinking since Emma was two weeks early! Check out our blog...there are pictures of her room and Emma and her new tricks at the pool!