Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Hell of a day!

Yesterday we boarded a plane headed to New Mexico to visit family. It was a long day. We were up before 6 to get dressed and then we left. The drive is about an hour and a half up to Raleigh were we fly out from.

We were making great time until we get to the city limits and then it started to down pour and there were car accidents. It took us 40 minutes to go 8 miles and we missed the check in by 5 minutes. "Note to self..Make sure you are there at least 30 minutes prior to departure." We were there 25 minutes before and were given a big fat NEGATIVE! You will be on stand by for the next flight.

We were rushing around trying to get on that flight but they put us on an 11:30 flight. So off we head to the gate to hang out. Bryson was struggling with our carry-on and I unzip it and realize they checked the wrong bag. We went to the gate and I explained to the lady what happened and then a rude guy that complained the whole time and finally said he would go locate it for me. I mean it had all Chase's diapers in it. I played up the "My husband is deployed" card and lady felt sorry for me and the man...well he was still complaining.

After we switch suitcases I bought a Starbucks and took a few drinks and then it was spilt shortly after that. Darn it

We head back to the gate and I was talking to the counter lady about our connecting flight in Dallas. We were going to be there in plenty of time to connect, though she says we are on stand-by for that. "What do you mean stand-by" I say. That flight was our original flight that I had paid for. Well, apparently when they cancelled the first flight it cancelled the second also.

I also realized once on the second flight that in our rush to try to make it to our first flight I left the radar detector in the car on. I am really hoping my battery is not dead when we return.

The second flight went well and when we arrived we headed to baggage claim. We walked through one of those spinning doors. Carter walked in first and on the next section I walked in with the stroller and Bryson was following behind. He made it in but the door got stuck on the luggage. Carter made it out and was laughing at us because we were stuck. The alarm was going off and the police officer standing there couldn't get the door to spin us out. After the day I had all I could do was grin and think "Are you kidding me!".

We finally made it out and made it back to my dad's house.



Keyona said...

Ugh...that sounded like a mess. Glad you made it! :o)

Stacey said...

Glad you made it safely! Please tell everyone hello for me - it's been such a long time! Have fun visiting!

Anonymous said...

oh brother!! See you in awhile.


I have news for you.

Erica @ life's not a paragraph said...

I'm really starting to hate air travel.

Just wait until you take the AMC flight over. Ours was a HUGE mess - 2 1/2 days of delays, then a 20 hour trip.

Our Family said...

All I can say is that you are a saint!

johnandvic said...

ugh..... that would be my luck... I see it now that is exactly how my trip would be BUT I would be yelling and crying at the sametime.. BRAVE WOMAN!!!!!! :) I hope your trip back isnt like that!!!! So when are you heading back home??? We want to make a trip that way before you fly out