Saturday, June 20, 2009

2 Months

That's how long our little Chasers has been with us. It doesn't seem that long...two months, but it feels as if he has been with our family for a life time. He just fits so well. Bryson and Carter love baby Chase so much. Their love for him has grown and grown. When he cries they jump right up to give him his pacifier, or Carter will yell to me...."I think he's hungry mom!". They always want to hold him and they never complain about diaper duty.

Chase, you have learned and have done so much this past month.

  • You rolled over at 5 weeks.

  • You started to coo.  Bryson and Carter get so excited when you talk.
  • You went on you first plane ride, and did so well.  
  • You have more awake times.
  • You have started to play with toys.
  • You still hardly cry.
  • You start to fuss right around 8 to let me know it's bath time.
  • You moved to your own bed in your own room at 5 weeks,
  • and you stopped wanting to be swaddled then, because you sleep with your arms above your head.
  • You still love to be held.
  • Though you also like to be in your swing relaxing.
  • Your eyes still have not changed to brown, and I love the color they are.
  • You have the prettiest smile.  
At your two month check up you were 14 lbs and 24 inches. That is just bellow the 90 percentile for both.  You are getting so big.  

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Anonymous said...

Finally you updated!! j/k i know how busy you are. great write up.


p.s. "Dawn" is so beautiful. I took a nap with her today when I got home from work. Ryan sleeps with her too when he lays on the couch. She's getting a lot of use. I can tell we're not putting her up in plastic to savor her, we are using her ever so sweetly. We love our Dawn. Thanks again!!!