Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A ride on the wild side

Bryson went on his first motorcycle ride. Our neighbors have motorcycles and Bryson got his first ride the other day. He had so much fun and i made sure that Carson was careful with him. They went around the block not once but twice. Bryson held on real tight. He looked so cute with a motorcycle helmet on. We weren't sure if he would have to wear his bicycle helmet, but luckily the motorcycle helmet fit well. Here is a pic and a video of them.


Shannon said...

That's a great picture!! I'm glad he had fun and was careful! Unfortunantly I'm unable to watch the video's but always enjoy reading about the Hudson's!!

Rodriguez Family said...

What a cute picture - unfortunately, I can't get the video to load!

SJT said...

Oh I bet he had fun! Where's the interview of Mr. Bryson regarding his first motorcycle ride?