Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What happens when kids eat Tide Pods ~ Tide Pods are POISONING Children.

I had all intentions of back posting and getting caught up but we have been pretty busy. Here is just a quick summary.  I plan on going into detail hopefully soon.....I promise.


In April, we all flew to Hong Kong and in May, Bailey and I flew to Kyoto to visit sites from the movie Memoirs of a Geisha.  

Bailey started walking at 9 months and has been into everything since then, she is worse then all 3 boys put together.  Kidding......sort of. 

At the end of July we moved from Japan to San Antonio and stopped in Hawaii and San Francisco on the way here.  I really will try to catch up soon.


We are still in a hotel and will hopefully get to move into our new home in 2 weeks.  I have lots and lots of pictures so when the house truly is ours I will share.  

On Labor day this is what happened to Bailey. I had posted this on Facebook so I am just copying it really, but there are many of you that aren't my friends on Facebook and many more that will google Tide Pods and be able to read our story, well the story of Bailey.

For those of you that don't know we recently moved from Japan back to America and have been in hotels/traveling since the 24th of July. 


On Monday my husband put a load of clothes in the hotel laundry room and placed the bag of Tide Pods on our kitchen counter. Our just 11 month old was able to reach up and grab the bag down. She took one out and bit down. The soap shot into her mouth, and she began to cry immediately. 


My husband put her in the bath to rinse her off and she started to throw up. He sat her down and when I looked at her she had her mouth open as far it would go so she could try and breath. 

 Bubbles were coming out of her throat, and when she closed her mouth the bubbles came out of her nose. Her saliva was so thick and stringy that I could pull it out of her mouth. 


We called Poison Control and they told us to take her to the ER immediately.

 On the drive down there she began to throw up again and couldn't clear her throat that was full of soap, my husband had to take her out of her carseat to flip her over just so she could breath. 


While there at the hospital, her throat was suctioned out and Poison Control was called again. The doctors hadn't treated a Tide Pods patient yet. 


Poison Control said that since the pods came out in February they have been getting upwards of 15 calls a day. 

Children are eating them because they are so colorful and squishy and look like candy (Bailey is just teething and everything goes into her mouth).


Poison Control also said that some children who seemed fine ended up going into respiratory distress and having to be intubated.

The hospital we were at felt that she needed to be transferred to the Children's Hospital of San Antonio downtown.  That they would be able to care for her better in the PICU.  


She had to have a chest X-ray, EKG, and blood drawn to check her levels to see if the chemicals did anything. 

She is fine now and back to putting things in her mouth. I just wanted others to be aware of the dangers that these Tide Pods can create.

 The soap is so concentrated that only a little bit can be dangerous. 


The reason we bought these Tide Pods was because of the convenience of traveling and being able to carry laundry detergent with us.


It really is a great product just one that needs to be treated as being dangerous for children. 


Had we not been in a hotel and at our home they would have been up in a cabinet out of reach.

Bailey not happy with her IV.

She was feeling so much better the next day.

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Deidre said...

Just went through the exact same experience! My 14 month old son bit into one at my mother-in-laws house and within 30 minutes he throwing up, having diarrhea, and was almost comatose. It was the scariest 15 hours of my life but he is fine now. Thank you for sharing your story so I can feel a little better.