Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We still have a girl so far

While we were home in New Mexico we had a 3d/4d ultrasound done. We knew this would be the only chance Poppy would get to see this baby. It was really bitter sweet. We had the ultrasound done and got quite a few pictures and a dvd. We brought it home and showed the family. We also decided to tell everyone her name.

We decided to name her Bailey Virginia Hudson. I wrote down a list of names that I liked. Joe was suppose to do the same but he hadn't gotten to it yet. I was naming the names down my list and he said he liked Bailey and that was it. She was named. Next was the middle name. We thought about Catherine and Virginia. Catherine is Joe's maternal grandmother, and Virginia is my maternal grandmother. I have a very close and strong relationship with my Gigi. I am so thankful that Joe was fine with naming her after Virginia Imogene Orsak (Akins).

Now all our kids are named after family members and it's even. *grin*

Bryson is Bryson Alexander, Bryson is Joe's fathers middle name. Norman Bryson
Carter is Carter Alan. Alan is Joe's middle name. Joseph Alan
Chase is Chase Turner. Turner was my maiden name and once I got married I dropped my middle name and took on Turner as a middle name.
And now you know the story of our precious daughter Bailey Virginia.

When telling Gigi and Poppy her name they both got emotional. You could see Poppy's eyes well up with tears, and Gigi having Alzheimer's said "That's my name!" The rest of the trip she referred to the baby as her little Virginia.

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